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 South African Distribution of Pedrollo Water Pumps

Italian pump manufacturer Pedrollo has a long history and a very worthy record in South Africa.

The companies products are highly regarded as being of superior quality and competitively priced.

There is hardly an industry in the country and its neighboring territories that does not have a Pedrollo operating efficiently day and night.

Units are used in the Domestic markets for de watering, transfer and garden irrigation, however, the largest use by far for the Pedrollo Water Pump range in this market is the water pressure boosting systems. These units are well known for their exceptional life and service to the users. Companies that are involved in servicing these markets know and appreciate the excellent design and build quality of the pumps right from the small peripheral high pressure PK series up to the larger F series. The submersible range is well distributed into this market handling not only dewatering of sumps but heavy duty sewage transfer duties as well.

In Industrial sector the units are installed into washers, coolers and extensively used in air conditioning or cooling tower duties. Small sump de watering and effluent disposal is another market that the units are well suited toward and trusted by industry. Smaller sewage transfer systems are commonly found to be using the submersible vortex series of pumps.

In the Agricultural sector Pedrollo is well known. There is hardly a farm in the country which does not rely on a Pedrollo in some way. Irrigation systems, borehole and deep well water extraction, water pressure systems for homesteads and for stock drinking water supply.

This web site is designed to be the fast access portal for the territories of Southern Africa to not only find the right pump for their needs but also to be able to access the unit directly, at a competitive price, delivered directly to their door.

We at the South African site stand ready to serve our loyal users and those who will be experiencing these superior quality products for the first time. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on the site, please contact our support team for immediate attention.


Unique Hand Made African Theme Puzzles

Pedrollo Water Pump Puzzles Collection



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