A submersible pump is generally considered to be a pump end attached to a motor which can be completely submerged in water.

The most cost effective submersible pump will be electrically driven. Pneumatic and hydraulic units are also available however the cost of the power packs are normally so much more expensive that the electric version usually wins the race on price issues. When it comes to pumping water or waste water for that matter, the use of centrifugal type submersible pumps wins every time for efficiency, choice and cost.

Pedrollo manufactures a large range of submersibles suitable for the small to medium demand market. Other manufacturers tend to take on the larger end of the market but we are not covering this end here.


technical details of the  pedrollo submersible water pump top vortex

PEDROLLO TOP VORTEX is a plastic housed centrifugal, open impeller type centrifugal pump. It can handle a relative amount of solids in suspension. Typical of water from a dam, or lake. Ideally one would want to place this unit inside a drum so that the bottom of the pump is in contact with a hard clean surface and that it is not placed on top of a sand bank. The water which flows into the drum would then contain less sand and sediment than a unit placed directly inside a river. When placing a pump, always make sure it is well secured and out of harms way. Branches and other floating debris will damage a unit placed in the direct path of objects.

c heavy duty submersible pump for extracting water from rivers


This is a heavy duty pump which is capable of very rough handling. While the same principles relating to the siting of the unit apply to the TOP series, this unit will provide a far longer and more reliable life if used in a river environment. The vortex impeller enables the unit to handle some suspended solidswithout damage, always a good idea when pumping from a source where suspended sediment or sand is a possibility. This unit has a automatic off on float switch whic means t will have some form of automatic protection should the water level drop to a dangerous point.

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Electrically Driven Water Pumps



There is something special about being able to extract water from a source in or bordering ones property. The joy can be short lived however if the correct procedures and equipment have not been installed from the outset. The last thing one needs is a water pump that continually needs attention, is too small for the required duty after two months or a unit that cannot develop the right pressure to deliver the required volume at the end point.


In some places it is a statutory requirement that one applies for and is provided with permission in the form of a permit which entitles the holder to extract water from the source. If a river is bordering or running through ones property, the laws can be relatively strict depending on your country and region. It is in ones interest however to check with the local authority prior to investing in equipment.


When extracting water from a surface source, one has the choice to use many types of pumps. The most common will be either submersible, a self primer or an end suction centrifugal type pump. Other types of pump units that are commonly used include, horizontal split casing, vertical turbine, dry well and many other centrifugal configurations. Another popular type of pump for raw water extraction is a progressive cavity pump and in some cases a diaphragm pump is used or even a piston pump. By far the most common water extraction principle is the centrigugal pump.

pedrollo vxc pumps see detail below

Pedrollo Self Priming pumps fro wxtracting water from rivers

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