Pedrollo PKS self priming peripheral impeller pumps for mounting the unit above water level

Flow rate of maximum 50 liters per minute

Head to a aximum of 70 meters

A great little water transfer pump for small gardens or pressure systems


Purchase direct from safe shop and have the unit delivered to your door


3 Phase 380/400 volt options HERE


Single Phase 220 volt options HERE

The PKs version is capable of a full 9 meter suction lift thanks to the integrated priming tank on the pump casing. The unit is therefore ideal for a shallow well. Care must be taken to prevent any solids from entering the pump chamber because the peripheral impeller design cannot accept solids of any kind. The unit is good for a small garden or for a water pressure boosting system using a hydrosphere. Please be sure to select the right voltage when choosing one of these water pumps for your requirements.


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